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Even rechargeable batteries have a given life cycle and when it's over, they become a waste that's particularly hard to process in a clean way. And to top it all of, it lasts pretty long too,.

Logitech solar keyboard driver windows 10

Not needing batteries is pretty awesome. If that source ever gets exhausted Simply put:. I see them as a multimedia keyboard for home entertainment systems! No wires and no batteries needed. What logitech needs to do next is offer a tough pad or track ball with solar power I doubt a solar powered mouse would be small enough to fit in a hand given current technology a mouse is a stupid input device anyway. That is the best keyboard I have used in a long time. There are no batteries to worry about and it's very comfortable. Almost got a Logitech Solar Keyboard but it was a little bit to much so I got a Logitech K would still like to win one though.

They're useful because batteries are toxic to the environment if they're not disposed of properly. I have been so annoyed at cordless keyboards that won't accept rechargeable batteries or consume mass quantities of alkaline batteries. I would even be willing to dock the keyboard or mouse at end of day for recharging.

Apple-like looks, likes bright lights

What are you supposed to say about solar powered wireless keyboards, that others haven't said already and be unique?! I like the idea of buying no more batteries. I hate the keyboards with little legs; they break far too easily. I love the idea of not having to dump batteries into the landfill.

Solar ought to be required for all keyboards and many other devices, too! Useful because firstly everything wireless is very useful to me and secondary reason is because it helps me save money on my cells, which I have to buy for my Bluetooth devices. So why burning dead dinos? I've been using the K version since January and love it.

The numeric keypad is very handy and the grey matches the Mini I use it with. I had the K for about a week before one of the keys fell off. Just seemed cheaply built. I was going to buy the K for my Mac, but when you compare the build quality of the Mac keyboard vs the , it is a no brainer and the Apple keyboard will win out. I do have to say the solar keyboard did trickle charge off my computer monitor as well as the light from my TV.

UNBOXING & REVIEW : Logitech K750 Solar Wireless Keyboard - Best Keyboard for Mac!

Most importantly the solar capability is rally impressive. I have a keyboard tray on my desk and keyboard wires need to be managed so they don't droop down on my knees :. These solar powered keyboards are better for the environment by using free energy by not throwing away batteries. I love Logitech's unifying receiver feature and now with the solar option, it is just one less thing to worry about when buying peripherals. All there products work great and I'd love to win this show I can tell all my friends why they should buy one as well.

I really like it. Logitech products are of the highest quality, and harnessing solar energy instead of batteries is a terrific idea. I am very selective when it comes to keyboards, and to be honest, wireless doesn't enter into it. Im party disabled, so I have very specific needs when it comes to the feel of keyboards.

The best I have found so far is the Logitech K, but it's more expensive to replace if anything goes wrong. I've had my eye on these solars from Logitech for a while because the keys seem similar to the ones I like on my K The K would be fantastic as I'm used to Unifying wireless devices, and the K, if that's bluetooth, I have several ways to put it to good use. I also would really love to use my 60" television as a monitor sometimes but my keyboard cord is too short to plug everything in comfortably.

They are useful because you don't have to deal with cables nor batteries, but mainly because solar energy is so green!! Actually it charges also inside rooms even while you work on it. I never saw it going empty or something! I have one since about half a year Oh yeah! They also look great! This is very useful as Solar power is good for the environment and you don't have to charge your battery frequently with costly power. With my wireless keyboard killing a battery once a month, this keyboard may actually pay for itself!

I do lots of note taking, and my typing is better and faster than handwriting so this linked to a tablet or android phone could be usefull. These keyboards are useful because it avoids the stress of periodically having to change out the battery, reduces waste from used batteries, and uses green energy rather than electricity from other sources. Look ma, no wires!

Besides, no worries of battery wearing out. I've seen this at a friend's place, the ambient light is enough. They don't have wires for my toddler to pull while I try to work. The reviews are excellent and say the keyboard holds its charge for a long time which is very useful! Actually there is a battery inside but i think it would take ages until this one dies from all the charging circles.

If you can change it there? I did not try! Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. MakeUseOf Recommends: Buy. They work very well and require no battery changes, ever! Send your products to be reviewed. Contact Jackson Chung for further details. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email.

This is our favorite wireless keyboard – and it never needs to be charged

Read our privacy policy. No batteries need and the charge lasts a very long time. If it has no battery then where is the charge stored? Does it contain a big capacitor? The latest technology from Logitech, always ahead of the game. You don't constantly have to buy new batteries like I do now. I have got power issues in my locality. No more batteries- great for the environment!

Solar keyboards are useful because there are no batteries required!

Renewable energy rocks and its free! They don't require batteries and work better than the older wireless keyboards. Never used these types of keyboards so want to win and see how it works in Real. You can simply sling them in your bag with no worries about wires or bateries. I need a new keyboard. Batteries die at the least opportune time.

Has anyone tried this with and Android phone. I'd love too :. This unit has less power consumption as it works on solar energy No batteries failure when you most need it, its green and Logitech quality!

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I own the K, and I am very happy with it. Great Tech Looking for it Yuni Nuraini binti Roslan. Best keyboard ever.