How do i copy and paste from a pdf on a mac

I've copied and pasted from Preview Apple's Reader DC equivalent into Word, and it pastes with matched formatting perfectly and there is no superscript issue.

Copy and Paste Text from PDF to Word (Mac) Alwa | Adobe Community

Please kindly help me figure out how I can make sure all text copied from Reader DC and pasted using match formatting into Word actually matches my formatting and does NOT appear in superscript. I am sorry for the trouble, what is the current version of Adobe Reader installed? To identify, please refer to the help article Identify the product and its version for Acrobat and Reader DC.

I tried replicating the issue at my end with the latest version of Adobe Reader DC And this could be that the formatting in the Word document is selected as Superscript. Is it possible to share a sample PDF file with us so that we can test it at our end? Adobe Reader DC Version : As stated above, this issue occurs with all PDFs. I do not see where there is "Keep Source Formatting" in the Paste opions. The Paste Special brings up a dialog box, and is basically the same as me having to change everything away from superscript manually. I want to use "Paste and Match Formatting", which matches the formatting of my Word document, which again is not in superscript.

Thank you for sharing the details and sorry for the trouble.

How to Paste Everything as Plain Text

Would it be possible to share some sample PDF files and the formatting details of Word and a file with us so that we can test it at our end? I went to the link regarding how to send a private message, which is from It seems your website has changed since then as the link you provided no longer adequately explains how to send a private message with attachments.

I could not locate the "My Stuff" after looking for 20 minutes.

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Nor could I send a message with attachments when I click your name and then go to "Message". Please advise on how I should send these documents to you.

Part 2. How to Copy and Paste Images from PDF?

Yes, the article skipped a step on where to find upload. I just did. Lucky you. However, the conversion was not that great—images were missing, and alignment was not preserved, and tables were simply text. Preview on mac did a better job with the conversion, though still not great. I had a different problem, when the PDF file contains only a jpg image of a text. So I had to look for an OCR to text on line. Print the PDF file.

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Scan the prints as a Document and save it as text. Open with a free text editor, such as TextEdit or Wordpad and you are all done. You need to export your Pages documents to Word, Pdf or other format Windows users can read. Not sure if this will work with.

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Normally use Open Office and save as. It turns out that neither Preview or Pages recognize. May have to open and resave many files. While neither Preview nor Pages will open. Thanks for the tip. This one is very helpful. I have an occasional need maybe a dozen times a year to make this conversion. I did not know about the Google docs or the Automator options. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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