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Recovery of accidental formatted data. Use our drive recovery method to perform a deep scan, locating your data, and then show you the results in an easy-to-use interface. Recover data and files from your iPod Nano, Shuffle and Classic. Recovery of 'lost' data from your hard disk, even if its partitions are formatted, damaged or deleted. Recovery of data and files from your iPod Nano, Shuffle or Classic.

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Recovery of lost or deleted photos, music, videos, documents, applications from your memory card, even if your memory card is reformatted. Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery includes support for Originally Posted by McYukon.

Easy and powerful free data recovery software for Mac

You sure? Originally Posted by TSS. Hi I have a dreadful feeling that I'm in way too deep having bought an imac.

I can't even get the page to keep still while I type, so scoff all you like but I have a question. I think I lost some files so I tried to use recovery software. The free stuff lies as they ask for money once you've done all the bits that should sort you out.


This made me suspicious and I think rightly as I now cannot delete it. So I opted for a donate system test disk , and I would happily pay something but all I get are files in a folder - nothing happens. Please do not begin by saying you have to configure it or do something first.

Mac Data Recovery in 3 Steps

I cut my teeth on macs twenty years ago - you clicked on an icon and the software opened and it worked. I am not a computerist. All I can do is click on or off. Any suggestions or should I just get a windows PC? Please use the reputation system if you think you've been helped - bottom left of this post. How the files were lost. Originally Posted by mrplow. Firstly welcome to the forum. I doubt anyone here wants scoff or belittle you so lets clear the air first by saying that there are lots of people on here that have a similar background to you, right through to tech professionals.

How to Choose Data Recovery Software for Mac

The no affiliation to Apple it's just a bunch of users that try and help each other out. You've raised a couple of things but let's start with the lost file. What happened exactly? How did the file go from being usable to lost? What sort of file is it?

Top 10 Free Data Recovery Software for Mac

Pages document, text document, music file, picture etc 3. When you ran Test Disk did it find the file you're interested in? Mac Data Recovery Guru is the only software that will generate thumbnails of the recoverable deleted files that you can view, so you can instantly what can be recovered, for free.

After ensuring that you can recover the desired files by seeing them you can then choose to purchase the software. The success or failure of the file recovery attempt was also generally based on the state of the filesystem at the time. If the filesystem had been heavily modified after the file deletion had taken place, then there would be less chances of being able to undo that deletion. Likewise if the filesystem was heavily corrupted or if it had been formatted, that would often mean that no file recovery would be possible.

If the disk had been formatted, then nothing would be recoverable. It did have some advantages; the folder layout and filenames would sometimes be preserved. Sometimes it would result that getting files back was a quick and painless process.

Top 10 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X

So while it was not so reliable, when it did work it could be very convenient. This method is generally not possible these days, because filesystems have become more complex, and also because when it comes to deleted file recovery people demand functionality above all else. Now data recovery has become about pattern recognition of individual file types. Now the only requirement for a deleted file to be recoverable is for it to be present, irrespective of the filesystem.

It also makes it filesystem independent.

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OS X does not even necessarily have to be able to mount the device, and that way it can work on devices which do not show up in the Finder. In general It will work on anything that appears in Disk Utility. Technically speaking: And since it is fault-tolerant which gives it the capability of scanning around bad sectors , it can even be used to recover data from faulty media, which is sometimes useful even if the files have not been deleted, because it will successfully read and extract the files irrespectively.

A few years ago Mac Data Recovery Guru added the feature of being able to scan used space ie, files as well as deleted space. So now if you have a disk image that will not mount, or some other file or folder with data inside it that you would like to extract the contents of, it is possible. This also opens up some forensics capabilities of the software as it extracts and decodes everything.

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This is also useful for digital forensics. The way deleted file recovery software works these days is by reading every byte on the volume, and as it reads through it searches every byte on the disk for common patterns in each individual file type that it supports or for patterns in general, for example it can recover all ASCII text found anywhere on a drive.

If it encounters the start of a recognizable file it will record the location of that, and then search for whatever middle parts of the file that it can, and search for the end of it to finish it.