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If you assign a plot style lineweight, the lineweight overrides the object's lineweight when it is plotted.


Modifies the widths values of existing lineweights. Displays the Edit Lineweights dialog box.

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There are 28 lineweights available to apply to plot styles in plot style tables. If the lineweight you need does not exist in the list of lineweights stored in the plot style table, you can edit an existing lineweight. You cannot add or delete lineweights from the list in the plot style table. If you assign a line end style, the line end style overrides the object's line end style at plot time.

If you assign a line join style, the line join style overrides the object's line join style at plot time. If you assign a fill style, the fill style overrides the object's fill style at plot time. Specifies a pen to use when plotting objects that use this plot style. Available pens range from 1 to If plot style color is set to Use Object Color, or you are editing a plot style in a color-dependent plot style table, the value is set to Automatic.

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If you specify 0, the field updates to read Automatic. The program determines the pen of the closest color to the object you are plotting using the information specified as part of the plotter. Specifies a virtual pen number between 1 and Many non-pen plotters can simulate pen plotters using virtual pens.

To Edit Plot Style Settings

The virtual pen setting in a plot style is used only by non-pen plotters and only if they are configured for virtual pens. If this is the case, all the other style settings are ignored and only the virtual pen is used. If a non-pen plotter is not configured for virtual pens, then the virtual and physical pen information in the plot style is ignored and all the other settings are used. Provides a description for each plot style.

Displays additional information and properties of the plot style being edited.

To Change a Layer's Plot Style

Displays the name of the plot style file. Provides a description for the plot style file.

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Lists the number of plot styles contained in the plot style file. Displays the path in which the plot style file is stored. Displays the file format version of the plot style file. Scales all the non-ISO linetypes and fill patterns in the plot styles of objects controlled by this plot style table.

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Specifies the amount to scale non-ISO linetypes and fill patterns. Displays the Save dialog box and saves the plot style table to a new name. Edits the properties of a plot style table file.

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Summary Lists all of the plot styles in the plot style table and their settings. List of Options The following options are displayed. Right-click in the drawing area and then click Properties In the Properties Inspector, select a plot style from the list of available plot styles. Click the column next to Plot Style. To select a plot style from a different plot style table, select Other. In the Select Plot Style dialog box, you can attach a different plot style table to the current layout and select a plot style from that plot style table.

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