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Detailed information about Android and Mac sync can be found here. SyncMate requires OS X Keep contacts up-to-date between your Mac and Android Olga Weis So what is SyncMate? Follow these steps to sync contacts on Mac with Android using SyncMate. Once SyncMate is installed, launch it to display the main window. Policy Contacts User Agreement Uninstall. All rights are expressly reserved. The software programs and accompanying documentation are the copyrighted property of their respective owners and protected by copyright laws and international intellectual property treaties.

I do NOT have the boxed checked in imail preferences to sync with Google or anything else. I even deleted ALL my contacts out of google, and yet I still get an alert every single hour that google is trying to sync.

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Any suggestions? Hi, nice post! By the way guys, this is the lifehacker approach. Google sync currently only appears on Thank you for that! You need some other sync service.

In my case I enabled sync with Yahoo. Now it syncs correctly with both Yahoo and Google, at least the the initial sync. I tried this fix — allowing yahoo to sync — and now google syncs as well. Will tackle the Groups issue another day. I am using OS There are options to select Mobileme, Yahoo and Exchange, but nothing for Google. No problem setting up and syncing with iCal. This is using To the left of the clock icon. It looks like two arrows wrapped around in a circle. Thanks a million!

I tried above steps and about only one quarter of my contacts on Mac Address Book went through to Gmail account out of … I am using Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard Anyone experienced same? Any suggestion to address this? I have address book syncing with gmail contacts just fine Obviously I needed to do it the first time, but I had hoped it would pick up when something changed and automatically sync. Is there a way to adjust this schedule or to have it automatically sync with gmail when a change is made in address book or vise versa. I have added a yahoo account but still cannot sync google contacts in You may have problems with Leopard syncing just your Google Contacts.

Add a yahoo account and then try to sync. It should work then.

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For those who have Windows Mobile Phone, you can sync also with Gmail account — making all synchronized :. In ActivitySync make a new connection config server Server address: m. To get this option available in Once it sees that you sync to an iPhone the option will appear to sync google contacts.

Folks, read my post above! And iSync looks for mobile devices to sync… what am I missing?

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Macnewbie I have the same problem. Seems like one needs an iPhone for this. I wonder how this will work with an android based phone. The synchronize options are under the General tab—there is no Accounts tab—and the only options are MobileMe, Exchange, and Yahoo!. You forgot the most important step! If you just follow the steps above… nothing will happen! Do U know of any other reason the contacts would not import? What am I doing wrong? I have OSX I did that and nothing happened.

I have not been able to debug contacts at all. Sometimes contacts that I manually created just disappear. It was a good program that has become virtually useless. My adressbook synched with google contacts but it duplicates all entries. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Pat says:. February 4, at am.

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