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This console is useful for the following reasons:. Full documentation. To indirectly reach the Console in Opera checked on v9. I wish all the browser makers could get together to standardize the keyboard shortcuts. I did not found much documentation on REPL after a cursory search, except for this article which has an indirect reference.

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To learn more, check out the Chrome Dev Summit website. By Kayce Basques. It helped me complete my goal s. Thank you for the feedback. If you have specific ideas on how to improve this page, please create an issue. It had the information I needed.

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It had accurate information. It was easy to read. Something else. It didn't help me complete my goal s.

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  • It was missing information I needed. Developers commonly use the Console to overwrite the variable values when debugging.

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    In your case, the Console can help you test out potential fixes for the bug you just discovered. It changes blue to indicate that it is active. Try out the demo with different values. The demo should now be calculating the sums correctly. Sign in Get started. Learn how to use breakpoints to debug code within the Chrome Developer Tools. Sep 7, Back on the demo, click Add Number 1 and Number 2 again.

    DevTools pauses the demo and highlights a line of code in the Sources panel. Step 4: Set another breakpoint Line-of-code breakpoints are the most common type of breakpoint. Try it now: Look at the last line of code in updateLabel , which looks like this: label. Click the Resume script execution button:. It opens at the bottom of your DevTools window. Press Enter. DevTools evaluates the statement and prints out 6 , which is the result you expect the demo to produce. This is one line above where you are currently paused. The background of the code changes to red to indicate that the script has been changed within DevTools.

    Click Deactivate breakpoints.

    Chrome DevTools Keyboard Shortcuts | Tools for Web Developers

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