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Try this:. It is beyond frustrating.

Yes I am , but I have tried alt then three, alt and the three pressed together. If teh keyboard viewer is to be believed there simply is no hash on my keyboard, when you press alt and three, it highlights the number three. I tried to call my local apple shop, sat on hold for 12 minutes and gave up. My husband suggested copying and pasting teh hash from elsewhere and then creating a shortcut. I have had my mac for just over a year and I truly hate it!

[Solved] Hash instead of GB Pound sign on CMND+3 - July - Forums - CNET

Click on the Keyboard dealie. There's probably 50 other ways to do it if those don't suffice.

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My point is, feel free to look at what your keyboard layout has rather than forcing it into the box you're used to on the PC. Edit: While you're in the international prefpane, make sure you check the box for Klingon support.

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Quoted for great truth. Really, if you try to get used to "the way of Mac" you will be much less frustrated in the end. It's hard to unlearn a keyboard layout you're familiar with. UGH I agree.

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This is why when I want to get rid of a bad habit, I replace it with an even more absurd habit in another category. For this, that habit would be dead keys. There is a UK standard for keyboard layouts. Apple just doesn't use it. I'm not going to learn something proprietary and ridiculous when no other machine I use subjects me to the same inconvenience.

I'd much rather put up with incorrectly labelled keys. After moving to a position where I now have to deal with Macs all over the globe, I've started running into all sorts of funny incompatibilities like WiFi channels and now this.

Don't any other manufacturers do what Apple does with laptops? In terms of how many keys there are on the keyboard, Europe is pretty consistent. It's one more key than ANSI keyboards. In terms of what keycaps those keys have and accordingly, what you see when you press 'em , there is no consistency at all. I don't think it's as simple as that. There's a long and complicated history behind how the keyboards are on machines from Apple and from Windows OEMs. And it goes back even before then since the basic layout depends on the historical accident of what was on a typewriter keyboard.

Some of the confusion seems to arise from the necessity for having keys for a GUI -- something that computers originally didn't have at all. OTOH, if there is a BS for computer keyboards and you've got a link to it, feel free to post it -- if there is such a thing, I for one would be interested to see it. But it is, of course, a nuisance that there's no hash key directly available on a UK Apple keyboard. It's not anything pretty, but it works.

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The positioning of the main typing keys not the metakeys is standard, as far as I can tell. The positioning of the metakeys is another matter, but I'm not concerned about that. Otherwise I end up with the old standby of finding the symbol on a website and copying it. There is a point to the Apple keyboard layout - it's the typesetter's friend. Dunno if any of that info is of any use Jim Edit to add: Bugger. Bombcar sneaked in ahead of me whilst I was composing that post! I don't care. I'm not talking about dead keys for accents. I'm talking about regular shifted and unshifted keys not being where they ought to be.

Hash instead of GB Pound sign on CMND+3

It has lots of excellent options, like making Caps Lock act as control. No, where you think they ought to be, rather than where they should be. ANSI Keyboard layout, ftw. You can read more about the number sign and its history on Wikipedia. MacHash for iOS delivers the latest Apple news from the web's top sites in one app.

Where is the Mac Hash Key? To use the hash symbol on a UK or European keyboard: Hold down option and press 3. Share this page: email twitter facebook pocket reddit tumblr linkedin pinterest. MacHash News The latest Apple news. Gossip Bucket Celebrity gossip news wire. Tech News Tube Tech news aggregator.

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