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How much oscilloscope will you get for less than euros? In order to answer that question we got to work with one of the cheapest models from Owon, the SDS With the conga-JC, congatec adds the 3. We had a close look at the board.


The SmartScope is an especially handy and affordable USB oscilloscope, logic analyzer and signal generator. Elektor is now offering the unique SmartScope Maker Kit, which includes a special version of the SmartScope and two programmers with suitable cables.

With the compliments of the Elektor Editorial and Labs teams, here is a 'fresh' article presented free of charge to all Elektor e-zine subscribers. This time we have author Somnath Bera discuss a frustration few of us like to admit let alone describe in detail tio an audience: buying cheap hardware from China and discovering it does not work as promised due to flaky software.

M∙A∙C - Un Smoky doré avec Tom Sapin

In blog style, Somnath not only pinpoints the gross errors encountered, but pushes ahead and writes his own software. Clemens Valens November 5, In the middle of an autumn depression? It may not rid you of your depression, but at least it will keep you busy for a while. It will remember your access points and connect to them instantly. No local network?

No problems, IkaScope will create one on the go.


Pixy2 is an artificial vision sensor for rapid recognition of moving shapes and colours. It follows objects at a rate of 60 images per second and has algorithms for recognition of shapes and colours. To better follow moving objects, it may be mounted as an option on a pan-tilt support, and control the vertical and horizontal movements itself.

From your lab power supply, you look for power, infallible reliablility and stability of a gazlillionth of a volt. Hence the reticence towards anything in this area that is not a-na-lo-gue… Now the Siglent SPDX programmable power supply is, rightly, striking for its TFT liquid crystal screen. Please read our Privacy Policy. Learn more.


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