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Dragon Desk Mike. Microphones: CM Conference Microphone 3. New for Guide to Going Digital. I work from home as well as the office, and visit 4 other clinics every day. For your single user license of Dragon Medical One, that user can use it on multiple Windows PC computers around the facility, on a laptop that they take home at night, or on their home computer - it's all a seamless experience. If you go from exam room to room, the product is "open" and ready to use just like you were in the last room.

How difficult is it to use, and how much time does it take to install Dragon Medical One on a new computer? It only takes about 2 minutes to install Dragon Medical One on any computer. After that, just type in your user name and password, plug in your microphone or use the built-in microphone on your computer , and you're ready to go! How accurate is Dragon Medical One? Compared to the last edition Dragon Medical practice 2. This is unlike any version that came before it - so the stigma attached with early versions the required lots of correction of things it got wrong - no longer applies!

You can still use your mouse and keyboard anytime you want, but why not let Dragon do the work? What if I need help using it?

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Unique to HTH Engineering, our friendly engineers and techs provide unlimited customized training. We typically find it only takes about 15 minutes to learn how to use it - but you have unlimited training and support from our team as long as you have a Dragon Medical One subscription.

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We are always happy to help you customize commands or improve your workflow, at no extra charge. Can I use it at multiple work locations , such as a hospital that I visit, or what happens if I visit a colleague's office and need to dictate into my web-based EMR? If your hospital has the computers locked down, ask an IT person to give you admin privileges to install the Dragon Medical One app. Yes, if you install parallels www. Then you can load Dragon Medical One under parallels and use it very successfully.

Speed and operation will be virtually identical to running on a native Windows computer in this scenario, since Dragon Medical One operates in the cloud and does not depend on CPU resources. Because Dragon Medical One uses very little resources since all the computing and voice recognition is done in the "AI" artificial intelligence cloud , it will run very fast, even when running on a slow, old, or under-resourced computer.

You can use it Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 computer laptop, desktop, or Windows surface Pro tablet , with virtually perfect performance and speed. I understand this is cloud-based, so what about connection speed? What if I have slow Internet? Slow Internet doesn't seem to matter! The product digitizes your voice going up to the cloud the artificial intelligence speech recognition is being done in the cloud , and only requires about 48 kb per second. Basically anything that's a little faster than dial-up will work fine e. I am doing a lot of work remotely through a remotely hosted EMR right now I will login from home using a remote desktop connection or Citrix link, or web browser.

Previous versions of Dragon Medical don't seem to work very well that way. Dragon Medical One is cloud-based and designed to work very well through multiple layers of connection to a remotely hosted EMR. Anywhere you can type now, you can do the same thing with your voice.

If you get the Nuance PowerMic 3 , when you lift up off the main button with your thumb, the dictation will transfer automatically into your record. There is a high degree of integration with cloud based and remotely hosted EMR's with Dragon Medical One, and in many cases, you will have full voice editing and dictation at the cursor, just like you are locally in front of the EMR. For example, Practice Fusion and many popular web-based EMR's provide full voice editing at the cursor, even though this is a web based product.

Dragon Naturally Speaking arrives on the Macintosh! - Macintosh How To

Dragon Medical One has special web extensions plug-ins that are automatically installed in the popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer - to make this work smoothly with your remote web-based EMR. What happens if I need support or assistance? We exclusively offer unlimited support, with One of our live Dragon-certified technicians - who will be happy to connect to your computer remotely with your permission, and show you anything you need to know.

Can existing templates, macros and vocabulary in my existing Dragon Medical be imported into Dragon Medical One? We are happy to import your existing Dragon templates, macros and vocabulary into the cloud when you sign up for Dragon Medical One for a seamless experience, HTH Engineering will take all of your macros templates and custom vocabulary and move it into the cloud at no extra charge. This means you can go from office to office or add new words to your vocabulary - or modify any templates or procedures that you have-on the fly, and they'll be available to you anywhere, and everywhere, you use Dragon Medical One.

Is there a sign-up incentive discount for having owned the previous version of Dragon Medical?

If you currently own an older version of Dragon Medical - you qualify automatically for a loyalty discount for the first year of subscription to Dragon Medical one! I am not sure I speak clearly enough.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dragon Medical One

Also I have a strong regional accent. Will it understand my voice, my accent, and the medical abbreviations that I use? This is Nuance's first true artificial intelligence "AI" version, it's far better than a human, and it understands your voice instantly.

Anyone with a regional accent or English as a 2nd language still gets virtually perfect results! There are at least 5 years of anonymous data collection and metadata collection of actual physician speaking in various disciplines - embodied in the "AI" cloud - so it understands what you're saying the first time, in context, with pharmaceutical and anatomical, and procedural languages for 90 medical disciplines included.

It's unlike any previous version - and is a joy to use. I speak very quickly - sometimes I'm also tired and sometimes I slur my words - will it still work then? The beauty of Dragon Medical One is that it's AI engine will adapt to your way of speaking and learn everything the way you talk.

How will I test the features? Well, all of these paragraphs will be set up using voice commands. In my case, this meant I had to stop typing out my marketing copy and start speaking it instead. Generally, I would test as much as I could before the dictation software cut me off. On Mac you can use a hotkey or voice commands to activate it, whereas iOS devices have a microphone icon in your on-screen keyboard which you can press.

Second, while Apple dictation is compatible with almost any location or program, you cannot use it to dictate into Google Docs. However, the main flaw of this program is that, unless you own a Mac runs OS X Newer devices have access to Enhanced Dictation, which allows you to dictate continuously. In short, Apple dictation is a pretty darn good choice for those on a tight budget and who own a reasonably modern Mac or iOS device.

Braina is a bit of a wildcard in that I have absolutely no experience with it. Unlike most other entries in this list, Braina is designed to be a kind of personal assistant. You can use it to play songs, store information for later reference by teaching it yourself , dictate text, control your PC through an Android device, create notes and alarms, and more.

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If you do, let me know in the comments how it performs! Available by visiting its website while using Google Chrome, Dictation. Any text that you dictate can be edited inside the notepad or just copied to your clipboard using one of the buttons at the bottom of the box. This can then be pasted into anywhere you wish. Although it has a price point which will turn many casual users off, Dragon is almost the industry standard for professional dictation software.

Plus, even with its faults, Dragon learns the more you talk to it.

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By locking your voice to a specific user profile Dragon will analyse what you say and how you correct it in order to become more accurate. In my experience, Dragon appears to be compatible with most programs that you could want to type in, but be aware that some programs will respond to your voice commands differently to others.

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  7. Aside from that, the only gripes I have with Dragon are fairly minor. Other than that, I will say that the design of Dragon on your computer feels very archaic. The DragonBar itself serves its function nicely, and expands and collapses rapidly enough to not get in the way. This is because when Dragon starts up the microphone is fully deactivated and requires you to click a button to start it. If you have five or ten minutes and fancy a novel experience, download this program and go through the automatic tutorial.

    Lilyspeech has been discontinued, and so is no longer an option. The entry remains here for reference. LilySpeech was, shockingly, a rather pleasant surprise. Although it has no option to create custom commands and cannot be used as a substitute for a mouse, the accuracy of Lilyspeech took me by surprise. With Having to reactivate it every time you want to dictate text means that your workflow becomes very stop-and-start.

    It might hit all the right notes for you. There are other programs in this post better suited to controlling your computer native speech apps and Dragon , but the ability to control a PC game such as World of Warcraft is novel enough to warrant mentioning. Instead, it provides new voice commands which act as shortcuts to some useful features of Windows Speech Recognition.

    By dictating a letter combination you can have your mouse click the corresponding section of the screen. Keyboard mode is just the default Speech Recognition setting. Dictation mode immediately brings up the dictation box, which is useful, if a little more in line with the default settings. Windows Speech Recognition serves its purpose as a free, built-in solution to dictating on Windows device. When combined with Cortana for things like opening programs and searching apps you have a bare-bones dictation package that serves the function of letting you use your voice to control your computer.

    While Check out the transcript of the speech test below:. This is a test to see how accurate the current software use.